Solid wood flooring

  • Choose a good precision wood flooring in the new purchase of solid wood flooring in the box to take 10 floors placed on the formation of the ground, to assemble,How to maintain a beautiful white PVC fence assembled after hand touch, seeing its processing accuracy, geometry size eight, the choice of paint quality, whether it is The use of UV paint on the floor, whether it is lacquer or matt paint lacquer floor, the selection, should observe the surface of the film is uniform, plump, joints, no lacquer, no small bubbling, no holes, in particular,[url=]How to select the residential environmental protection wpc fence[/url] to point out that Wear resistance, because the floor for the ground, must be able to wear the paint.

    But here must also be reminded that the wear resistance of the paint can not be compared with the enhanced floor performance indicators, strengthening is aluminum oxide,WPC installation because the two different raw materials, test methods are different. The laying of solid wood flooring is the second key, in order to avoid the accident prevarication, you must insist on which floor to buy Which pavement, usually after the laying of the floor has nothing to do with the quality of the floor. Therefore, should be done before laying: First,[url=]Cleaning Wood Plastic Composite Decking Method[/url] the number of acceptance floor, size, color, quality, acceptance of qualified signature before laying.

    Batch number, wood species confirmed after concise introduction laying method, and further determine the laying program. Solid wood flooring is the product of production enterprises, but for consumers,[url= ]Environmental protection wall panels[/url] can not be directly used, the large number of single-floor only by laying workers in order to make the floor to be able to complete the use of the product. The laying of the quality of technology, a direct impact on the quality of wood flooring products, therefore, although the final laying of a process, but it is essential, it can use the continuation of the superiority of the floor,Wood plastic grape frame materials but also slightly worse quality of the floor level.