the company also has the advantages

  • McDonnell Douglas flooring is unique, with a layer of aluminum film on the back, with anti-moisture, anti-moth-proof and anti-mildew characteristics of the three anti-warping, anti-cracking and anti-deformation of the three anti-performance, and (Patented products) and flooring support, is the ideal choice for fine decoration real estate products.

    In addition, the company also has the advantages of high heat conductivity, In the Chinese flooring companies have to fight the price, the McDonnell Douglas floor is not to attract customers with low prices, but continue to tap their own potential, will be more meaning and more cultural products dedicated to the customer, which for rational customers , Often more attractive than any low price.

    McDonnell Douglas flooring always adhere to the "rather give up the market, do not give up quality", and this idea runs through each floor of the production process, while grasping production, McDonnell Douglas floor also continue to enhance their research and development capabilities, which have A number of national "patent" products,

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