promote plywood export

  • In recent years, linyi examines quarantine bureau produces function effect actively, strengthen demonstrative area construction to consolidate promotion plastic wood composite garden fence works, promote plywood export with all one's strength. Export construction of wood demonstrative division to advance national level Linyi actively, linyi produces governmental dominant effect,

    catch condominium together to help hurried export, held water to build leader group for demonstrative area of the group leader with deputy mayor of be assigned outdoor deck signs personal responsibility for, bureau of constituent business affairs, examine the concerned branch such as quarantine bureau, qualitative inspect bureau, association holds joint meeting for many times, make clear the task, research is refined push measure.

    Since demonstrative area obtains qualitative check total bureau to approve, perfect a system further, strengthen groom directive, aggrandizement can i lay deck tiles directly over grass responsibility is assessed, formed those who perfect " local government is in charge of total, responsibility of industry negative main body, examine quarantine branch is superintended, relevant section is caught together, force of harmonious, society participates in guild " safety of exit wood quality manages a mechanism.