the real estate market downturn

  • Once the real estate market downturn, the real estate business will not be able to face a room to sell the funds can not return the dilemma, then the paint business may not get the project funds on the chain interlocking wood decking tiles of great risk. Coupled with the recent frequent collapse of the home building materials industry, the responsible person Paolu other events, financial institutions, financial support to the coatings industry, leading to tighten the paint industry capital chain. Therefore, the ability to control the capital chain is also particularly important.

    Marketing methods need to diversify With the Internet and mobile cheap concrete pool resurfacing products Internet technology, the coatings industry has been a new space for improvement, paint marketing model also changes with, mainly in: First, the paint website as the representative of the paint business power supplier The rapid development of the platform; the second is microblogging, micro letter and other representatives of the rise of micro-marketing and development of coatings; third event marketing.

    entertainment marketing and other new marketing tools in the paint marketing in the wider application. This requires the floor in the marketing business model to build a simple wood bench with backrest achieve diversification. From the overall situation, the flooring business only to find the right direction in order to win in the fierce market competition, and only from a long-term point of view, many aspects of their actual situation to make adjustments in the white-hotOutdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust competition to find Suitable for their own development path.