floor sale

  • He drink a mouthful of water, continue to say: let's compare gallery of privacy wall trek deck with a privacy wall designs , it is in giving consumer confidence, the good store and ordinary shop, what's the difference between other competitors' stores? Each store capacity difference is not too big 2x4 cover sleeve ; From the angles of the grade of the decoration and the brand image and positioning,

    good shops with ordinary shops also little difference in this; The only difference is the biggest is two places: the attitude of the guide staff skills, and help sales tools to use 5/4 in composite tounge and groove . Guide in the general store, personnel is not very positive attitude, knowledge of the product is not very understanding, passively accept the customer's questions,

    not to any information to consumers, nature also make consumers don't have any confidence. Guide in excellent store, staff actively in all kinds of demonstration cedar decking cost per linear foot , patiently to solve various problems, in the role of a staff put forward various proposals to the client,