business enterprises

  • Industry is not standardized on the one hand, but long-term use of "price war" approach to business enterprises, will die out. Product prices can not be maintained, because it does not reflect the value, and thus consumption cladding that looks like tiles can not be sustained. To be "a penny for a cargo", the relative is more reliable. Enhance corporate image, but also product image What products on the market to imitate what, and in product development, channel investment is a drop in the bucket, how can this concept enhance the corporate image?

    Many consumers the impression that up to only heard of a company strength, good reputation, But their products patio floor treatment are poorly understood. Enterprise brand image is important, but the market share of the competition is more dependent on product image (including follow-up service). After all, consumers ultimately buy the product, not the name of a vendor. Once the product image is destroyed, no matter how good the brand image will be market relentlessly abandoned.

    To sum up, the market expectations for the future is chaotic, chaotic means that the unpredictability of the results and the process can be derived. Tile market pains may have just begun, and now the competition is not a big composite outside wall panels advantage over who, but who committed less than the wrong. Anti-toss, the most effective way to interfere with, is to strengthen the enterprise's own integrated capacity.