chairman of the official signing of

  • (5) laying plain wood flooring. With a nail to play in the four sides of the board, the long side of the side of the nail number of four, short side of the side of two, can be more indispensable. Laying wood flooring is best to use 903 plastic, can not just put into the site of the floor immediately for laying, at least on the site to dry 3 days.

    (6) sanding the floor. At least three times, after the second grinding down the wood powder to be retained. (7) with the preserved wood powder transferred into putty filling the gap between the wood. (8) laying a good day, with a clean towel thoroughly wipe the floor surface, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner and clean. (9) brush wood floor paint, at least three times.

    November 15, 2006, in Beijing, China, pop star Sun Yue and Chau Chau Wood Limited (Hong Kong) Wang Chunzhou, chairman of the official signing of the "Chunzhou Aode" brand flooring image spokesperson. Spring Chau Wood Co., Ltd. Since its inception, is committed to the general consumers to create environment-friendly brand people assured the floor of the floor.

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