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  • With trade the volume drops different, the price whole of annatto appears this year rise trend. With Africa Hua Li is exemple, the price by last year is every ton 3800 yuan, this year Cheapest Vinyl Porch Railings And Posts the price January is 4200 yuan, 45 month went up 4500 yuan, the price is top June achieved every tons 5200 yuan, current price fall after a rise reachs 4200 yuan.

    Another kind of annatto is Burmese Hua Li appeared the price hangs a phenomenon, domestic price is in every tons 18 thousand yuan or so, and price of southeast Asia producing area is controlled in 20 thousand yuan, the price differs 2000 yuan or so, what domestic lumber compares abroad is cheap still. "The Burmese price that find outdoor mats for patio and decking in england spend pear hangs phenomenal existence to have period of time. " annatto businessman Zhang Zhongxing says, the market goes to be not moved now, the Burmese price that spend pear does not rise to go up, can maintain for a long time only be in every tons 18 thousand yuan or so.

    "The annatto price that appears this hangs a phenomenon, it is normal to also be belonged to actually. " Zhang Zhongxing says, the Burmese Hua Li that sells in the market at present is cheap composit lumber in toronto the goods in stock 9 years ago for the most part, the merchandise on hand that and rather than comes in from southeast Asia carry this year.