building materials shopping malls

  • There was a well-known large-scale building materials shopping malls, tile products over "discount section" over "promotional week", and then "price will be" and so on. Shopping malls began to see a busy, thriving, but the 3 foot high decorative garden fence consumers become accustomed to wait and see, the flew to the door. Over-promotion is the result of product homogeneity, business focus should be to establish brand reputation, to strengthen their operating characteristics in the market, appeal and sustained influence.

    There is a saying of good: If I bloom, breeze love to not come. Team management results, but also to re-process Needless to say, people are the how to build a decorative wood fence primary productive forces. Many tiles companies or distribution team in the assessment of personnel, often heavy performance and light to create performance process, and then to take a simple "task commission" wage model, ignoring the training of marketers in-depth analysis and understanding of the market.

    Training must fundamentally change the concept of employment, and truly create value for their employees, nurture the correct values ??of the times, rather than going through the motions, back endorsement only. Heavy product prices, but also to outdoor composite wood furniture re-product value Many times, to compete for a limited market share, some tile manufacturers at the "lower and lower" price to participate in the market price competition, misleading consumer spending trends.