real wood floor

  • the price of real wood floor has risen four times composite decking at lowes , the overall rise in the price of just a continuation of last year's price increases. The reporter understands, look from the whole market of real colored pvc decking board sale , since march into the general real wood floor has a gain of about 20 yuan.

    Sales staff told reporters that at the beginning of the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the wood growth cycle is long, timber shrinking about (some countries limit the export of some wood species) vinyl fence installation cost . Nature, hu said, the head of the guangzhou headquarters of real wood floor of real wood floor is the main reason for the increase in the prices due to Indonesia and South America to reduce solid wood exports and the impact of the tsunami.

    As for specific gain, hu analysis that industry's overall gains should be between 15% and 20%, "in addition to the Beijing market, the guangzhou market is now also pricing". cheap boat decking floor replacement , head of Mr Li also said that the essence of real wood floor price 10% to 20% of the buoyancy adjusting.