Present Situation of WPC Composites Complying with Environmenta

  • Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a new type of material developed in recent years. It combines the advantages of two different materials together, which can be glued and painted on the same surface as wood, and can also be nailed , Drilling, planing, nails, etc., but also the same as the thermoplastic molding process, play a wood processing and plastic processing methods of diversity, flexibility, a wide range of applications. At present, wood-plastic composite materials have been widely used in the field of civil products, including outdoor products (such as outdoor furniture), building materials (such as doors and windows profiles, platforms, etc.), municipal facilities (such as flower boxes, ), Packaging materials, household goods, daily sundry goods, auto parts, and so on.

    Wood box performance there are very limited, such as low strength, easy to mold rot, easy to moth, not sealed. Therefore, the study of more superior performance of the new packaging materials and packaging structure is extremely important. Wood-plastic composite material has the dual characteristics of plastic and wood, some of its performance even better than plastic and wood, in addition to elongation at break, lower impact strength, the other properties have been used to achieve the performance of military packaging materials Range of Indicators. Through further study to improve the physical and mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites, and through a reasonable box structure design to improve the overall strength of the box, this material is used in some military packaging is entirely possible.

    Wood composite material has good thermal insulation performance, which is to improve the barracks building quality and living comfort valuable, can be made into the floor, hanging board, roof, skylights, wall panels, planks, door panels, Railings, handrails, foot boards, door / window profiles, furniture, fences, fences, platforms, boards, platforms and so on. In addition, wood-plastic composite materials and cement steel compared to light weight, easy to install and use, with its manufacture of removable guard post is particularly appropriate.

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