protection floor products

  • to meet the requirements of E2 limited sign nine outdoor lounge furniture wood floor , the rest of the sample do not accord with the requirement of the E1 and E2 limited sign. The problems existing in the market and consumer guide in the process of test product purchase of a sample composite siding manufacturers in Norway , we surveyed the dealers,

    found decorative materials market exist the following problems: 1, the logo is not clear, the origin of a product, manufacturers etc or not, some dealers are not too clear pvc deck installation videos , only part of the decoration materials market there is a detailed labeled, other stores after asking to get more detailed information;

    Sheet 2, some nominal themselves as environmental protection plate, formaldehyde releases a quantity unqualified, and certification of green environmental protection products high quality wood fencing , E1 class, etc., but the actual test results do not accord with the requirement of E1 and E2 limited marks, mislead consumers;