the capital wood

  • Lumber market holds to Tianjin Pan Zhuang Minggui " the client is consummate, elaborate service " person this tenet, hold to " harmony is managed, develop continuously " scientific concept. Root system Tianjin, layout China north, comprehensive radiate, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, cost of 2x6 treated lumber development enterprising, deal with concrete matters relating to work is managed,

    achieve in all double win, bend force becomes market casting the whole nation's famous wooden industry base, be dedicated to advancing the successful model that develops perfect decorative wall cladding south africa tie in coordination with unifinication of Beijing ferry look forward to. On November 12, 2016 morning, take the lead by chamber of commerce of Beijing timber industry,

    scanty solution demonstrative base is in the capital wood line of business that investment of the blessing in day of Tianjin of company of member of chamber of commerce runs limited cutting pvc deck railing company to invest operation for main body market of lumber of Tianjin Pan Zhuang Minggui held the ceremony that uncover a shop sign.