price of white wood

  • According to businessman report, marine expenses rises substantially (the freight of a crate rose near 3000 yuan) , and the influence that the RMB devalues continuously, the price of white wood of near future Africa begins to pull litre, go up be in 200 yuan about / stere left and right sides. The businessman expresses composite decking balustrade Halland at the same time, freight and exchange rate make stock cost of Bai Mu rose about 300, 400 yuan / stere,

    The buys the home to continue to support higher value timber of Chinese market is used at special utility, the material that flyspeck horse and tower benefit are Chinese composite floor boards in Ioannina Mai Jiaxi love is planted, these two kinds have ascendant tendency on the price. October the last ten-day of a month, in African log export price, flyspeck horse log (LM) quote 235 euro / stere, tower benefit log (LM) quote 325 euro / stere.

    The lumber supplier of ministry of African Chinese and Western feedbacks, still do not determine the condition of Chinese market at present, but the supplier expresses, their client -- China buys the home is valued to prospective foreground. 2016 1-10 month, port of 2 Lian Hao spy import timber 1.079 million tons, privacy fence cost per linear foot entrance total value 1.47 billion yuan, grow respectively compared to the same period 22.6% with 26.5% .