high quality lumber

  • Uncover card ceremonially, general manager of Yu Yong of director of center of research and development's associate professor and Feng Changzhi of jade forest industry introduced the development process of center of research and development to attendant honored guest respectively, preliminary clarify with extended the new anti slip composite decking for sale harrisburg thinking that industry of our country lumber will grow continuously henceforth, new technology, new product. The rapid development that machines an industry to drive our country lumber offerred referenced direction and clear thinking.

    Subsequently, vice director of Yang Shixi's minister, Zhu Peiyi and Dean Xie Xingqian assistant all is opposite " center of research and development of processing technique of high plastics wood floor non slip quality lumber " hold water express enthusiastic congratulation, conveyed institute of food of center of scientific research courtyard, move, unripe labour to be opposite " center of research and development of processing technique of high quality lumber " support energetically and solicitous.

    Zhejiang university - high quality lumber processes trade of Zhengzhou jade forest center of new technology research and development is developed with lasting new-style, difference between iron wood and composition wood but industrialization carries out fast Shenglingaopin machines a product to be a target character, what quickening lumber processing technique again is brand-new breakthrough, the oldest rate reachs the good point of aggrandizement lumber, promote new-style lumber to innovate technical development.