give multi-layer solid wood flooring

  • after a planned and systematic expansion, the plant area of ??over 4,000 square meters, the Group covers an area of ??1,000 acres. Bijia flooring has a number of the same industry-specific patented technology and technology: prestressed patented technology, symmetrical even-layer structure,

    double-vertical groove and other core technologies to give multi-layer solid wood flooring super stability, product experience from 100 degrees drying To 20 degrees below zero freezing four hot and cold cycle of destructive testing, with the general multi-layer solid wood flooring compared to the stability of the stronger;

    original BTJ coating process, the floor paint layer with superior adhesion and toughness, In providing excellent artistic results under the premise of greatly improving the floor of the wear resistance, wear-resistant than traditional solid wood flooring 15-20 times.

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