bamboo flooring actually has a natural

  • Gather all the power, to maintain a voice, for a point to the extreme. Nowadays popular low-carbon products, compared with other flooring category, bamboo flooring actually has a natural advantage - low-carbon environmental protection. At present, bamboo flooring companies need to increase consumer guidance,

    and gradually cultivate consumer awareness of bamboo flooring. The establishment of sales network, and further increase the bamboo flooring publicity. Flooring as a durable consumer goods, in the publicity process, we should pay attention to practical publicity, not flashy.

    On the current situation in the market, the bamboo flooring advertising, most manufacturers are more to take the "practical combat" and print media, the role of the common line. At the same time in the promotion of the use of "a profit more than home Huan" model, so as to achieve advertising effectiveness.

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