low-carbon environmental protection

  • such as deep-rooted in people's minds of environmental protection; from the enterprise point of view, Flooring similar raw materials ... ... However, these so-called potential advantages but did not translate into a competitive advantage, bamboo flooring production and sales still can not be compared with the three types of flooring, why?

    Characteristics of the floor types, bamboo because of low thermal conductivity, not their own heat and cool, so Dongnuanxialiang, and the smaller color. But the understanding of bamboo flooring consumers have errors, therefore, bamboo flooring business breakthrough direction should help low-carbon environmental protection, changing consumer awareness, reshape bamboo flooring in the industry's good reputation. Bamboo flooring consumption has not yet been well-known consumers,

    a dealer admitted that the special distribution in the domestic bamboo flooring, is not a safe policy. Consumers of bamboo flooring performance, lack of understanding of stability, not the same as the formation of solid wood flooring concept of consumption. Compared with the traditional solid wood flooring and laminate flooring,

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