it is worth celebrating all

  • in August, it is worth celebrating all the more than Jia, in 2011, "Top Ten Chinese flooring brand," the national network selection, than the majority of consumers Ka support from hundreds of floor brand competition Stand out, once again reelection "China's top ten brands of flooring multi-layer solid wood" award,

    the success of creating "top ten brands of Chinese flooring," three coherent myth, a model industry. Discount, buy gifts, special, etc., all kinds of concessions take turns into battle, discount rate, straight pick the bottom line of the industry; multi-storey, multi-storey shopping malls, Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, IN art flooring, etc.,

    a variety of floor display in front, excellent quality, directed at the high-end technology; 5A + services, the whole escort for you. Activities: 1, "Ka" section of courtesy, during the event, where the family visit with the store than the Ka and the next single, you can receive "Ka" section of a harmonious gift pack;

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