floor is taken

  • prone to breakage, collapse of the phenomenon wood plastic composite machinery manufacturers in... , while V-groove is not easy to clean, so soon replaced by U-groove, and now V-slot is now Gradually in the floor to the market out. U-slot era, the emergence of U-slot, it can be said that the end of V-groove. U-groove privacy fencing or panels for a decks is taken by a molding technology,

    that is, the floor surface and the floor chamfering at a molding, so the chamfer and the floor surface covered with aluminum oxide wear layer, with the wear-resistant layer of protection, U Even if the water outdoor wood gazebo nassau long island ny , as long as it is clean and timely, U-groove floor can still intact use, so the service life is very long.

    Therefore, the U-shaped groove chamfering is not easy to be broken. U-groove flooring in the flooring market still holds an important place. High light round arc (R-slot era), high-light circular arc floor slab 48 x 80 size price , also known as the R-groove, Yan-slot, the floor chamfer there is no obvious gap, but smooth transition,