Solid wood flooring

  • this problem points to do: 1. When you do not have the original wood flooring on the cement wpc decking market price , do not do? I love my home network Xiao Bian remind, Wooden keel generally choose 40 * 40 or personnel activities with a large cross-section size of 40 * 60, the spacing of the first by the wooden floor of the wood floor,

    Modulus to do best coating for porch floors hydrostop , but not greater than the distance 350, wood keel piece to use and add glue, and the ground with a fixed anti-corrosion wood bricks around the wooden keel, according to the mountain-shaped fixed wooden keel piece best wood privacy fence ! The bottom side of the keel are anti-corrosion paint brush 2-3 times!

    Wood keel on the plane to planing, planing after installation to complete! Solid wood flooring with screw nails. 2. If the economy allows the case, the floor strength (such as regular meeting place) good waterproof panel board exterior australia , when the first work is completed, the shop full of nine plywood or 18 Da Xinban, better, walking in the above foot feeling Very good,