the region clean

  • Chemical substances wipe the sofa leather how to make simple garden bench . Because it will accelerate the aging of leather sofas and hardening, affecting its service life. Should be wiped with warm water to wipe the region clean, to maintain good ventilation (if necessary cost of 12ft x17ft porch roof , can be dried with cold air), to be leather surface water evaporation clean,

    and then evenly applied on some body lotion, the formation of protective film. Experts stressed that to prevent moldy leather furniture, the most important thing is to maintain good indoor ventilation; Moreover Can you build a raised wood deck around a inground pool , we should pay attention to maintaining the surface clean leather,

    especially food and beverage stains to be immediately removed, do not give mold growth nutrients. Fabric sofa cover thin blanket can be moisture-proof, in addition to leather sofas, some home cloth sofa is also easy to long-haired furniture, plum rainy weather inexpensive tall plastic planters . A furniture official told reporters that the surface of the fabric can be unpicked.