strengthen the floor for the production

  • from 300-1000 yuan / square meter range. Solid wood flooring in the price of the end but the product variety of brands to live home as the representative of the price from 300-1000 yuan / square meter ranging from the Baroque antique floor in the high-end parquet in the typical.

    Another example of the recent push as the "new solid wood" (to Kang tree and Anderson as the representative), than Jia, North American Maple flooring and other brands of best-selling price performance is also more than 300-600 yuan / square meter; Solid wood flooring as the main products of nature,

    the World Friends of the long-Sheng and to strengthen the floor for the production advantages of Del, Le Mai and other brands also produce solid wood flooring, but the performance of the market as life, Anderson and other strong, and the price is relatively Higher.

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