order to protect

  • even if the glue does not fail, there are still bonding taco envision composite decking , but its dry slowly, in addition to affecting the construction process, the chemical composition contained in the glue slowly dry slowly, will affect the indoor air quality after living. Cement should be added antifreeze, winter construction, the mixing of cement once the cold may be ineffective barry pool resurface decks .

    In addition, the more serious is that has been posted brick, then the temperature plummeted, will seriously affect the strength of cement, so that the quality of the project is threatened. And low temperature will also lengthen the solidification time of cement composite decking raw materials , in the construction period without benefit.

    A designer suggested that the winter construction, it is best to add antifreeze cement, in order to protect the construction quality. Terrace tiling, but also add a layer of outer insulation material coverage vidoe how to build decking on a slope , so that double insurance. Brush should pay attention to the indoor temperature, make a layer of paint dry and then brush the second film.