pure cork flooring

  • consumers should promptly acceptance of the floor and accessories of the quantity, quality, specifications, color, grade and other requirements are consistent with the purchase, must not be careless recycled snow fencing . 7, to determine the laying process, ground handling requirements.

    As far as possible on-site supervision, while guiding the acceptance popular and portable wpc floor . 8, after the decoration is completed, the last acceptance acceptance. Ask for a quality guarantee and complete it. Cork flooring because of its special use of performance and personalized decorative effect is more and more consumers are favored fireproof composite outdoor decks flooring ,

    especially the pure cork flooring because of its moisture, deformation, simple maintenance, and other advantages by consumers. But the pavement of softwood pavement technology is worrying, the use of inferior materials recyclable wood plastic patio flooring , so that the environmental protection of the floor is not environmentally friendly, process arbitrary, so that the qualified floor unqualified.