wood flooring drilling

  • Ramming the tenon material than the ground dragon hard material composite deck retaining wall , wood hard shrinkage force is small, the earth dragon is not easy to pull up the wooden mortise shells, to maintain stability. Some of the room floor level height difference of several centimeters, then carpenter master in the earthworm below will pad some knife-shaped cork or three splint and the like wood composite fence estimator price ,

    to ensure the level of earthworm, then do not forget, 2.5 cm above the pad Between the Earth Dragon, must be marked with a short dragon to each other fixed to prevent the earthworm around the rocking pendulum swing in order to ensure the ground dragon solid formation pictures of timber extruded decking .

    Installation of solid wood flooring drilling, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nails, so the floor before eating nails. The wall around the reserved 1 cm above the change to composite decking calculator of the contraction joints, in order to avoid climate change or the floor water content does not match the expansion of arch, which most people know.