large number of labor

  • Chinese economy moves toward new normal state, increasing growth of the high speed in changing direction from high speed, economic progress means is in from dimensions speed model extensive growth changes quality to efficiency model intensive grows. In recent years, chinese plywood output grows ceaselessly, 2014, plywood crop of composite tongue and groove porch floor cost China achieved 149.7 million M3 (see a picture 1) , occupy all man-made board 54.7% of output, production value makes an appointment with 2 500 100 million yuan.

    The labor that Chinese plywood industry is a model is concentrated model industry. Plywood production need is cut via coming back, cut into parts cut, repair, the much talk working procedure such as semifinished product of dry, gelatinize, form, hot pressing, in China even the whole world all the time since depend on badly use a composite flooring shower large number of labor power, work dynamic load of the worker is very heavy, the veneer laid plus plywood and craft of form semifinished product are unreasonable, bring about plywood to produce cycle very long, manufacturing efficiency is very low.

    Be in China, as silvan natural resources and labour force in short supply, lumber price rises ceaselessly, industrial chemicals rises in price ceaselessly, carriage cost is climbed ceaselessly litre,wholesale synthetic boat decking material the salary of labour force and safe cost rise quickly, the integrated production cost of plywood industry rises ceaselessly subsequently, and company profit space is compressed ceaselessly however.