the floor has a strict

  • floor manufacturer with decoration company construction group have their own strengths, can cooperate. Since January 2002, China began to implement standard 10 building materials eco decks flooring perth , building materials products to enter the market must have a inspection certificate.

    The industry found that since then, basic can't see without the quality certificate of products on the market composite decks in winnipeg . But wonder: and how did so many unqualified building materials products in the market? Hit the head of a company "cat" -- - "mistakes, the sham as the genuine" outdoor decorative plastic mesh fencing .

    The director told reporters that the floor has a strict hierarchy, each level of materials and price is commonly 30% - 50% of the price difference, many small building materials factory is specializing in the production of unqualified buy composite decks to self build at the divide and the sham as the genuine ".