occurrence of current pattern

  • Significant demand and inventory pressure make the market the two big obstacles that market of current annatto raw material picks up. (3) market confidence drags litre of boom index, terminal consumption remains to develop Pass those who go one year to adjust, begin from first half of the year, the market of the industry light weight balcony flooring anticipates hasten is active, push thereby rose index of whole market boom (HPMI) go situation. But from boom index advocate index, applications of composite foam panel commodity price, new order, field hires an index to look, the market all did not change apparently now.

    The market is new the occurrence of current pattern, over-the-counter trading- - become first half of the year the new atmosphere of annatto market. Over-the-counter trading of of all corrosion-resistant decking cleaning kinds annatto all is obtained not common achievement, bring new vitality, new hope to industry market.

    (4) annatto product imports and exports grows, market demand exists as before. First half of the year, imports and exports of product of our country annatto all appears compared to cheap indoor paneling for walls the same period the growth of different level, report is low below confused market environment, terminal consumes demand to exist as before.