namely the Flooring

  • aggrandizement floor is put forward in the process of the consumer need to pay attention to the "3 f" commercial composite wood pool decking furniture , namely the Flooring (products), Fixing (installation), Fittings (accessories). China consumers' association, deputy director of Chen xiaoqiang said, before a mandatory installation acceptance standards of the state,

    consumer and enterprise should be based on the content of the "Chinese aggrandizement no pollution wooden plastic wall panel consumes white paper" to carry out the installation, there are "three major principles, eight precision". Three principles, respectively is refers to the "professional installation team choose wpc decking head office location brand product",

    "installation team prior to consumers supervision and acceptance standard", "consumer cooperate to provide the installation conditions balcony concrete floor slabs . "Eight precision" is whether consumers to pay close attention to the installation process to achieve the following eight required: "all the professional tools, moisture-proof measures strictly guard a pass,