compound the floor

  • but these indicators is hard to say clearly, in general, the current consumption of aggrandizement floor or "confused" stage, and mature consumption gap distance price of privacy sale fence . How to choose aggrandizement is compound floor, wear-resisting revolution is absolute indicators?

    To understand the aggrandizement is compound floor, must first understand the composition of aggrandizement is compound the floor. Aggrandizement is compound the floor surface of the form is divided into four layers Composite decking gates for sale , is wear-resisting layer, the 2nd is adornment layer of organic dyes, the third layer of HDF high density board,

    the fourth floor to moistureproof backplane. For evaluation the performance of the laminate flooring, Europe has made the quality standard of inspection aggrandizement is compound floor, wear-resisting revolution of product plastic lumber patio fence install , bibulous rate, formaldehyde release a quantity to limit the index, density and so on can be test.