wood of the raw

  • Equestrian square head of delegation -- the Xiang Zhongfang after Malaysia industry grows YB Datuk Haji Julaihi Bin Haji Narawi of ministry minister assistant to follow's representing introduced Malaysia in recent years the concerned circumstance of lumber respect, emphasize introduced industry of Ma Fang furniture, wind resistant composite fence build hope and in just strengthen bilateral trade dealings, organic meeting is made for Chinese wood provide high grade raw material resource.

    Xiang Mafang delegacy of Liu Nengwen of current verandas and patios Moisture-proof deck association chairman introduced Chinese lumber and wood general situation of Chinese lumber industry, listed China number of feed inlet of each log of big port, sawn timber measured annual last year, making clear China is rigid to the demand of lumber and plank, hope Ma Fang is composite 4x8 siding outdoor OK the wood of the raw material benefit of cheap of proffer beautiful price and China processes a business.

    On the meeting, both sides still built the problem of the respect such as the factory to undertake be discussinged deep communicating with respect to plank and investment, lumber of neo composite edging tiles the Ma Shuangfang in was being established and the cornerstone that wood commerce cooperates. Square delegate gave a souvenir in direction of horse of delegate of minister of ministry of Malaysia industry development.