wood feel relatively light

  • Russian and Chinese timber cooperation in terms of Chinese consumers is a good news. Cold wood is very light, the pattern is also very beautiful, and the color is basically light-colored. There is also an important reason, at present in terms of access to the Chinese market has just begun trade, so the price will be relatively low. Because everyone in South America to buy, so that the relationship between supply and demand to determine the price.

    Quality is how? Tropical wood feel relatively light, tropical wood feel heavier, we feel that the current consumer is a little better, light is not good. Flooring in the use of one is concerned about the stability, especially solid wood flooring. Because the tropical light wood is relatively small, the cold zone of wood just added to the light-colored market in the Chinese market.

    Qian Fangping: I think today we want to know there are several things. A solid wood flooring raw materials and our global environmental protection and other issues there is no conflict. One is the solid wood flooring due to rising prices, will not shunt, atrophy. How can we do a better job of materials, including our industry to guide the community.

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