Application prospect of wood - plastic composite profile in mil

  • Expo is undoubtedly the most eye-catching is the China Pavilion, the shape of the ancient cap of the "Crown of the East" was red, with echoes, is a large mahogany floor around the floor of the floor. These flooring is provided by Nanjing Ju Feng, a new type of plastic materials called wood. Wood-plastic composite materials in recent years is the emergence of new environmentally friendly building materials, in foreign countries is just getting started. Wood-plastic materials Wood-plastic products can be used by the raw materials of waste plastics and waste wood, agricultural and forestry-like rods and other plant fibers as the substrate, without any additional harmful ingredients. And recyclable again, called the real sense of environmental protection, energy saving, renewable resources, innovative products.

    It is understood that the plastic wood is mainly used for outdoor landscape and hydrophilic landscape, plastic wood life is 3-10 times the ordinary timber. Plastic wood color can also be adjusted according to the formula, the choice of mahogany color solemn atmosphere, against the background of the Chinese Museum style.

    The main components of plastic wood is plastic and natural fibers. Compared with traditional wood, the biggest advantage of wood is a big contribution to the environment, save wood is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, do not need to avoid pollution of the environment pollution, recycling can not be recycled after secondary pollution.

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