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  • the project, if the project total amount is 20000 yuan, consumers will pay 3000 dollars to decorate a company.Five, decorate a company to prevent stolen items, must be in the contract: "late construction process, increase the capital cannot exceed decorate contract cost a few percent, otherwise, the extra expenses shall be borne by the decoration company."With the words, etc.Six, clear the responsibility of the party in breach and disposal measures, such as in the contract with the terms of the "project after

    signing of the contract shall not subcontract", be sure to attach clear: after the subcontract, the breaching party is to pay a specific amount of default and consumers have the right to terminate the contract, etc.Seven, payment time, share, and time limit for a project to be clear.Now decorate a company normally used to pay time and share convention is: "the first and second time each pay 40% % of the total amount of the decoration, pay 15% of the total amount of the decoration for the third time, fourth time pay

    5% of the balance payment", and payment time relatively column is fuzzy, such as the third payment time is: "carpenter and bricklayer basic completed, the painters approach", in decorating a process, carpenter, bricklayer is sometimes cross the work, therefore, the time to define it is difficult.Advice when decoration and home decoration company signed contract, with specific decorate project completion time definition, on the payment amount, can with decorate a company to negotiate a specific share, such as pay

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