improvement industry

  • Internet home improvement industry, after all, is a service-oriented industries, affecting their own survival and development of a key is the user experience. 1. Industry information transparency In the past traditional cattle panel fence design home improvement industry information opaque mainly reflected in the price system opaque. Whether the decoration company or business owners are looking for the price of building materials do not understand this weakness, there are some shoddy, casually asking price situation.

    This also led to the follow-up owners of businesses, decoration companies and the industry as a whole dissatisfaction and complaints, so that how long does sun-proof stain last of wpc material industry trust down a drop. Comfort zone is different, the use of F2C model, consumers directly docking manufacturers for follow-up quality problems and communication problems to eliminate worries.

    Communication information symmetry, but even young people, or know little about the decoration knowledge. For the decoration should use what style, what kind of material, the owner is not clear. Therefore, the decoration company, the designer must communicate with the owners do the best possible to meet the reasonable needs of owners how much does i cost for a replacement deck in order to further enhance the owners satisfaction.