kinds of lumber

  • the name that provided every kinds of lumber, division not, geography distributings, protective level, macroscopical with microcosmic and tectonic feature, at the same time brief watch average cost of porch railing in Jordan listed the key of similar lumber distinguishs a point. Every kinds of lumber all with specimen chromophotograph, hypostatic microscope chromophotograph (16 times) reach microscopical 3 tangent plane photograph.

    In recent years, lumber is in severe danger especially and eco friendly building materials list species of precious and intertropical lumber has made the central point that international society pays close attention to. Current, CITES convention has belonged to cent 20 divisions 31 belong to a variety of more than 250 lumber species to include an appendix, low maintenance wood plastic fence to its international trade tries control, and be being organized with other concerned international strengthen cooperation, strengthen management of endangered lumber international trade further.

    Scientific and accurate identifying lumber, it is protection of implementation lumber resource, management and the fundamental premise that use. Our country is the signatory of CITES convention, this illustrated handbook is the lumber commerce such as quarantine of our country custom, quality inspection to superintend execute the law board wood with plastic sale the important and scientific basis that personnel of management commerce of branch and lumber provided lumber to cultivate kind of knowledge to fasten;