aggrandizement wood floor

  • the United States, Japan and South Korea heating KongDiaoJie attention, came to understand the business. How long will you be without time, made in China will go abroad, "floor", the people's benefit of other countries lowes decking prices per square foot . With the advent of decorate busy season, aggrandizement wood floor also entered a prosperous city.

    Aggrandizement wood floor with its abrasion resistance, beautiful, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, is more and more consumer favorite. But the dazzling brand on the market parquet flooring cheap , can't figure out the price of let a person look not to understand. While consumers know that the word of "cheap goods is not good", but to meet a businessman boasts the temptation of "high quality low price", not every one can resist.

    Low floor: traps, a Mr Wang reflect, in February, he works in a city bought 30 yuan/square meters of aggrandizement wood floor, the results to the new house is still now pungent odor, tested privacy lattice wall for deck , the formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly. When he went to the floor merchants, were empty.