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  • services after the completion of the project. Wood-plastic railings manufacturers to choose wood-plastic composite materials at home and abroad in recent years, the rise of a new class of composite materials, with plastic, wood, metal and other single-material advantages, a self-contained system of new materials. My company - Anhui Mangrove New Materials Co., Ltd., is engaged in wood-plastic products research and development and production of wood-new materials, high-tech enterprises. Due to the environmental

    performance of wood-plastic composites and its processing performance advantages over wood, this material is increasingly favored by the people, the market prospect is also very good. But also because of China's natural timber resources are declining, the market demand for wood products is growing. Huge market demand and technological breakthrough is bound to continue to broaden the market channels of wood-plastic materials. The application of wood and flexible, can be applied to any field of wood processing, wood to replace

    the best environmentally friendly materials. WPC can be made of a lot of materials, such as: wood-plastic railings, wood-plastic flower tree tree pool, wood-plastic stool, wood-plastic wall panels, wood-plastic floor there WPC DIY decoration, , Flower rack, flower box air-conditioning planes, air-conditioning shields, blinds, road signs, transport trays and so on. Then we specialize in the production of mangrove wood-plastic products over the years, especially wood-plastic railings and wood-plastic floor production, our company has

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