When composite decking materials deteriorate

  • In direct sunlight, it can get very hot! If you walk on it barefoot, it will not take you long to get where you wanted to be. However, you will not have any splinters, because there aren't any. Composite material can be prone to mold and mildew, although improvements in the product have made this less of a problem. It is not as structurally strong as wood so it has to be well supported to avoid "bounciness". 2016 consumer reports best composite decking material. Typically, treated yellow pine is used for the support structure and composite components are used for the decking and the rails. Thin material is available for wrapping the outer band to give a more uniform appearance. The railing components are quite expensive, so PVC railing is often substituted. porch boards for sale. When composite decking materials deteriorate, they can't be sanded and refinished, like real wood. If this sounds like I'm anti-composite, I'm not. It is actually a good product and many, many people have used it with great results and are completely happy with it. It's just that the product was originally built up to be something it is not. The product is durable and while it will weather, it does not disintegrate.formaldehyde ever in composite decking.