floor prices generally

  • For the equivalent grade brand, in the outcome of the contest is often depends on the details, small lead accumulation eventually formed a clear advantage Outdoor floor covering . Inside and outside the dual challenge currently, wood raw material prices continue to rise, already began to make wooden floor industry reshuffle.

    Increasingly heated competition, a large number of wood, small and medium enterprises are facing elimination. Since the beginning of the year, the raw material of real wood floor prices generally rose by 5% Manufacture marine composite doors , 10%, the highest of 20% or more.

    And the retail sales floor is a downward trend, each big building materials market compared to the same period last year sales fell more than 30% generally 4 foot wood planter box plans . Sales fell to make wooden floor market competition is unprecedentedly tragic, in fact, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the production stage floor.