Wood Floor

  • The floor avoids to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, once hot water is scattered on the floor, want to be wiped in time. Best every 3 months hit candle, before waxing, want to clear the besmirch of floor surface clean, often wax, what can retain a floor board is bright and clean degree, prolong the service life of the floor. Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not set too very hot thing in the floor, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture. Want like floor of summertime high temperature " be away for the summer holidays " Be in hotly in the weather of high temperature, the problem with the commonnest floor is systole leaves seam, because be below high temperature condition, wood interior moisture volatilizes very easily, make floor bulk contractive, bring about floor joining together to be in aperture broaden thereby, serious is tongue-and-groove is broken away from even, craze. Close space, continuously high temperature is wooden floor leaves seamed culprit. The new home that has decorated is long nobody attend, close inside house airtight, make indoor temperature very high, the building follows distinction of stoving kiln it doesn't matter. Below such state, floor place contains moisture to evaporate ceaselessly, serious systole leaves seaming is inevitable of course. Someone says, "Since high temperature is so terrible, that opens air conditioning, come down thermal drop! " but little imagine, air conditioning also is equivalent to taking wet chance. The person is waited for in the time inside air conditioning room grew to be able to feel special to work, lumber also is such, long air conditioning is blown to the floor can cause systole as much. Additional, wooden floor still is afraid that burning sun insolates. A lot of floors leave seam a circumstance to happen in go up by the side of the balcony or go up by the side of the window. Insolate to bring about paint film likely still to bubble, become angry, fall off even etc. Lumber still is had by fell trees hind feature of a few live body, so should attentive when treating a floor a bit more considerate. [url=http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/8439.html]the best wood plastic composite diy flooring suppliers[/url] [url=http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/1005.html]inexpensive ideas to cover interior floor[/url] [url=http://waterproofboards.com/plastic-board/6124.html ]high density wood panels[/url] [url=http://wpcdecksupplier.com/wpc/1343.html]alternatives to teak boat deck[/url]