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  • Classic style with a glossy good timber is the classical old style bookcase the preferred material, specific to dark and sedate color for classic furniture.Wide side of cupboard door to strengthen the inside of the display, and more books are closed in the cupboard door, make the space on the vision of a more complete.Should match the bookcase, in addition to the wide leather sofa and the wooden furniture of log color, craft refined other accessories, such as thick carpet, modelling simple vases, are all very

    good adornment.Here, everything should reflect history.This style needs to be wide space, make the big and heavy furniture displayed and not feel crowded.Jane's style of study is 3. Contracted a Nordic Nordic style of study must be based on broad bookshelf and simple sit chair is given priority to, won't have too much heavy and complicated design and decoration.Light color furniture, white metope, books are neatly on the shelf pattern, and let a person involuntarily relax every nerve.Bookcase, like the Nordic

    people, high greatly, indomitable spirit, occupy a whole wall, evenly divided into several partitions, high and low to fill with books, with a mixture of a straightforward and calm.Simple linear and processed, almost no color board, is the most conspicuous symbol in this style.4. Modern logo to remove the unnecessary things, such as the back, the cupboard door, furniture and even frame, stylish bookcase not only has a simple function of carrying books, more like a specially add books to show this element, to enrich the

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    dark brown vinyl fencing
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