reduced lumber trafficker

  • From shipment the quantity looks, at present volume of shipment of lumber of Hua Dong whole all is maintained be in 25 thousand / day above, the near future is close to 30 thousand even / day. Shipment of whole of Hua Dong area measures stability, to integral environment it is advantageous, while digestive volume is steady,l shape deck bench plans rose in price to have a base after year, this service date thinks to rise in price necessarily after year. Lumber inventory respect, at present inventory of whole of Hua Dong area is in 1 million best deck materials low cost the following,

    day all shipment volume is controlled in 30 thousand, this to integral market it is more advantageous, u.S. dollor exchange rate is rising ceaselessly now, reduced lumber trafficker deck waterproof panels order goods enthusiasm, so later period arrives quantity will naturally less, be helpful for rise in price after year.

    Yesterday, wood bug begins to hear lumber of Home Zhang harbor to a new regulation is given out, general situation is: Since 18 days always nonlocal client comes to what Home plastic composite partition kempas wall panel Zhang harbor buys entrance timber, need branch of preexistence place forestry to handle book of requirement of silvan plant quarantine, ability handles lumber quarantine card in Home Zhang harbor. This included log and plank among them.