walking a sound

  • 1, foot on the floor occasionally sound This is inevitable, the occurrence of multiple sound squeaky squeaky slightly ringing is not a normal phenomenon.wpc decking easy to install 2, the reason is due to the floor and the floor, the floor and the keel contact with the uneven friction will cause squeak sound 3, keel fastness is not enough, the floor and keel can not be a smooth combination, resulting in wood and wood slip between Sound 4,[url=http://outdoorwpcflooring.com/manufacturers/584.html]antique cast iron park bench ends replacement slats[/url] board and keel without nail pressure in the virtual keel in the slight movement caused by sound.

    5, the solution will have the sound of the floor surface demolition, strengthening the floor and the keel between the fastness or cushion pad to make it a complete plane to form a complete cause of the same species of different growth areas, or the same area because the trees are different , The different water absorption, different degrees of light,[url=http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/low-maintenance-outdoor-wall-panel.html ]outdoor wall panel[/url] different age of growth, different parts of the saw profile, processing the color of the floor will not have the same chromatic aberration, in view of the above reasons should not be a quality problem, but in the laying of workers should be conscious of careful To color the floor close together to meet consumer demand national development GB \ T15036-2001 standard,composite panel garden buildings the color does not make any requirements.

    1, refers to the material surface and the front surface of a small gap,[url=http://outdoorwpcflooring.com/uk/469.html]do it yourself dance floor using plywood[/url] the gap is caused by uneven wood contraction, there are cracks caused by paint quality 2, because: the floor near the windows and doors by the sun exposure and sudden shrinkage to crack, Change, uneven floor contraction caused by cracking. The use of larger detergents or alkaline, so that the board surface to produce chemical reactions, causing changes in the floor of the stress cracking.cost of composite steps 3, the solution If the length of the floor crack �� 4% should be replaced