If the wood-plastic railings have stains

  • project. So now in our country, the use of more of our outdoor commonly used wood-plastic floor. As the domestic market is still at the initial stage, wood-plastic products in the domestic market has not large-scale promotion. Chinese market and the North American market compared to the growth of wood-plastic materials and finished products there is considerable space, is expected to domestic wood-plastic composite materials market in recent years, production will increase year by year, and in the near future the formation of

    new wood-plastic composite products system. For wood-plastic profiles used in the more prosperous wood-plastic flooring, the future development is not underestimate the momentum, mangrove manufacturers believe that wood-plastic floor will become the future trend, because for consumers, WPC flooring is energy-saving products, not only can control the discharge of harmful substances, but also be able to do the ground moisture and moisture and so on. Wood-plastic exterior wall board stereotypes Wood-plastic

    materials in recent years, more and more widely used, today's professional wood-plastic outer wall board mangrove to tell you about the production of wood-plastic wall panels of the relevant knowledge: First of all, Wood-plastic wall panels in the extrusion die after the mouth, it should be immediately cooling stereotypes to prevent the profile because of its own gravity under the effect of deformation, depression or distortion phenomenon. Then, if it is hollow profile shape, but also need to be equipped with vacuum sizing device to

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