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  • Technical innovation needs a talent to ensure.[url=]anderson wood flooring[/url] Industry of abundant China timber built the center of test of research and development of 1600 square metre, maintaining long-term cooperation relationship with Beijing forestry university, become college of this school material multilayer solid Mu Fu adds up to major of science of floor test costs for vinyl porch railings research center, lumber and project education teaching grinds university of forestry of study base, Beijing is postdoctoral workstation of going from place to place, go up every year in the investment on talent hatch ten million yuan. relatively the inaccuracy that a few companies grow to [url=]outside glider made with composite decking[/url] feels surely, jin Yuehua appears confidence is full, quite certainly. Introduce according to him, from " double turn over " after Wan Shengmei country, year after year of parrot floor sales volume increases by degrees steadily, increased again this year 30% , industry of abundant porch flooring tongue and groove sales China timber has ascended solid Mu Fu of body whole nation adds up to floor industry front row. 2 it is a government the service is better and better. "From 2013 second half of the year begins to examine and approve, the project starred building 2014, at the beginning of 2015 formal put into wharf look composite decking production, did not think of so can fast. " Jin Yuehua says, household item predicts to want ability go into operation 34 years originally, thanksed to government brief politics put power,[url=]antioxidant recycling pvc flooring[/url] formalities simplifies, efficiency promotion, just let project put into production enter " drive " .