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  • to damage, so there is no choice that decorates a company completely before, it is best not to pay the deposit, if the other strong request, and you satisfied with this company, it should be in line with the principle of less is more. In five, signing of the contract in the decoration should pay special attention to rewards and punishment terms, a clear breach of contract and disposal methods, clear decoration warranty and warranty, payment time, start time, increase and decrease project payment, etc.. The above content is

    small house to share with you the contract signed decoration should pay attention to five points, I hope to help you sign the contract decoration, decoration contract for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the decoration.What is the most used to decorate the bathroom?. Want to wash in the bathroom of a beautiful, fresh and natural, fresh and comfortable bathroom is essential. Use the bathroom tiles and other ceramic tiles are very different, so don't bother to the general purchased with a tile oh. So

    how to choose the right and the quality of the bathroom tiles today and Xiaobian look at the bathroom tiles need to pay attention to which five points. A waterproof wall must use strong waterproof and anti corrosion and anti mildew tiles; the best floor raised Fanghuadezhuan toilet. Two, the texture from the side to observe the brick surface to be smooth, no thickness uneven pinhole. At the same time, tiles can listen to the sound is clear, the sound is more fragile, said the high density of ceramic texture, hardness is

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