through building standard wood

  • In dark timber industry, trade through building standard wood line of business center, use Internet innovation to meet easy pattern, accumulative bloc is solid capital shedding, iformation flow, content sheds company of dish of vivid timber estate to put an amount. Swim up and down for lumber industry catenary the wood plastic decking used for siding enterprise offers a quantity to be made custom-builtly personally, the service such as commerce, consumption, continue to do do strong lumber greatly industry of this one key, for economy development enters new normal state to add a brick to add tile.

    On November 17, limited company produces per year industry of timber of Jiangsu Ran Xin in 600 thousand stere (tall) break earth of density beaverboard project. The construction of composite boards for benches buy this project indicates the structure optimizes a port area industry further, industrial position is perfected further.

    In recent years, as the ceaseless promotion of energy level of dock of big abundant harbor, national level imports lumber quarantine to handle area and big abundant harbor to protect composite plastic chairs price tax other people to shed central building, the advantage of industry of characteristic of lumber of port area development is sent more remarkable.