small letter of peaceful

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    collect Tai Longguan Fang Wei letter is public 2ft x 6ft vinyl fence panels show, whole evaluation divides composition by two: One, optimal originality award and award of optimal ad saying will be chosen by company of the dragon that collect peaceful, selection process lieutenant general invites with all possible means expert scholar is participated in, link expert proposal, choose finally. 2, award of optimal person energy of life, the most welcome award and the most attractive after award is tongue in groove vs composite for sale seleted, choose by the network again.

    (Same work can be obtained " company of the dragon that collect peaceful is chosen " with " the network is chosen " award) . 7, collect a specification 1, this second activity does not return manuscript without exception, the contributor agrees, work is divided sign outside authority, the other right of this work all cost composite decking belongs to Guangdong to collect limited company of peaceful dragon science and technology to enjoy.